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Numi is a comprehensive calculator that can be integrated into your Windows taskbar. You can use it to combine numbers and text and get results just as you would with a scientific calculator.

You just have to enter the values on its interface or paste them from your clipboard, and the app will start the computations for you.

The calculator doesn't just do simple operations; it also solves more complex functions such as arithmetic and trigonometry problems. Besides this, you can add titles, notes, or any text you want to your calculations.

Numi takes the mathematical order into account in its operations, dividing before multiplying, and respecting parenthesis. If you don't want an expression to show up in the calculations you can just put it in quotation marks.

The symbols you can use are:
+ — Addition
- — Subtraction
× — Multiplication
÷ — Division
^ — Exponentiation
sin — Sine
cos — Cosine
tg — Tangent
pi — Constant π
total — Total

The trial version is fully functional for 7 days.

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